3 Times When You Should Work With An Immigration Attorney

Obtaining your green card or visa is an exciting experience. The process can be long and difficult, but in some cases, you can complete all of the necessary steps from beginning to end on your own without the guidance of a lawyer. Nonetheless, there are also times when assistance from an immigration attorney is absolutely crucial. Whether you are unsure about the exact paperwork you need or you're having trouble moving forward in the process, an immigration attorney can help. Below you will find more details about three important times that you should hire an immigration attorney. 

1) You don't know which visa is the right one for you.

One of the most essential times that you should seek out an immigration attorney is when you are determining which visa you need. There are various visas available and submitting an application can be quite expensive. For these reasons, it's important to apply for the right visa at the start to avoid any processing delays or unnecessary expenses. Common visa types include a work visa after accepting a job offer, sponsoring a family member to become a permanent resident, and moving to the United States for the sole purpose of marriage. Your immigration attorney will remove the guesswork from your shoulders and let you know the appropriate application to file based upon your unique situation.

2) You are not certain what paperwork or forms you are required to complete. 

After you confirm the type of visa that you'll need, the next step is to fill out the proper forms. However, with so many options to choose from, it's easy to get confused about what paperwork you should actually complete. An immigration attorney can ensure that you are given the right forms without delay and then walk you through each line to confirm that you don't forget any important pieces of information. Even one missing field on a visa application form can have devastating consequences for your application. Additionally, your attorney will help you determine what documents you'll need to gather to submit your application successfully. Ultimately, if you fail to complete the right paperwork in its entirety, your application for an immigrant visa or green card could be denied, so be sure to consult an immigration attorney before beginning any forms.

3) You've run into some legal problems that are preventing your application from being approved. 

Getting approved for a visa or green card can be challenging if you have any legal troubles that could exclude you from going any further in the process. There are a number of reasons why your application could be rejected, although some of the most significant causes arise if you have a criminal history or if you've violated any laws. If you encounter this problem, your immigration attorney can tell you how to file a waiver that could allow for your application to still be approved, regardless of the initial reason you were denied. Just like with the complicated forms needed for the application, you'll also have to provide a large amount of documents and relevant evidence to prove that you should be given a second chance to apply for permanent resident status. 

If you've experienced any of the instances above, you should speak with an immigration attorney right away to ensure that you are on the right path towards a visa or green card. Be sure to meet with your attorney when you have any questions at all to avoid any major obstacles with your application going forward.