Just Like A Refugee: Immigration And Refuge Status

The United States is a popular destination for people the world over. It's not easy to enter and live in the US as a citizen, however. The US permits people who can prove persecution to enter the US legally. Being granted refugee status can be a complex action, however. Read on to find out more. First Steps in Your Home Country The process begins when you make contact with an agency in your home country. Read More 

Secure Your Right To Reside In The United States

If you are an undocumented immigrant and fear being deported or detained, you have every right to seek legal advice that pertains to obtaining your visa and living a productive and happy life in the United States. Don't risk being placed under scrutiny and fighting an uphill battle. Find out what you can do today to preserve your residential status in this country. Fill Out Required Paperwork Seasonal farmers or migrant workers that are an asset to a well-established company will need to fill out an application for a visa. Read More 

Facing A Deportation Order? 4 Situations That May Allow You To Get The Orders Lifted

If you've been detained on an immigration hold and you're at risk for deportation, you'll need to act fast. There are steps you can take to prevent the deportation but it will require you to prove that you're eligible to stay in the United States. Here are just four of the reasons you may be able to have your order for deportation removed. Your Notice to Appear Wasn't Served Properly Read More 

How Immigration Can Make Family Law More Complicated

Family law can become incredibly complicated. After all, there are often a lot of emotions at stake when it comes to matters of marriage, divorce, child custody, or other similar situations. These situations can become even more complicated if there are immigration issues at hand, too. These are a few examples of how immigration can make family law a bit more complicated. Someone's Immigration Status Might Be at Stake As you might already know, many people are able to gain temporary permission to reside in the United States due to being engaged or married to someone who is a United States citizen. Read More 

Could You Be Deported?

Many people immigrate to America, sometimes with the intention of staying permanently. However, immigration is not always simple. And, in some cases, an immigrant could end up deported, which means sent back to their original country. Different scenarios can lead to deportation, but if you think it may be a risk for you and your situation, be sure to seek help from an immigration attorney right away. Fraudulent Paperwork When immigrating into the United States, you will be required to fill out all kinds of forms and paperwork. Read More