An Immigration Attorney May Prevent Unnecessary Family Petition Delays

U.S. citizens who are petitioning for a foreign-born spouse or child may discover that the forms and supporting documents required seem straightforward. The petitions typically involve completing the paperwork necessary to procure a visa for the relative while moving the lawful permanent resident application through the immigration pipeline. The petitioner may believe the submitted petition will go through without any problems until a request for additional evidence arrives in the mail. Frustration could arise upon realizing the process now faces delays. An immigration attorney may help with the situation, but perhaps it would have been easier to work with a lawyer from the beginning.

Experience and Knowledge Could Move Things Faster

The petitioner might not think there's anything wrong with a marriage certificate that shows a spouse has a different last name than what appears on other documents. The different last name is due to a previous marriage, and the person completed a legal divorce. Were divorce papers submitted with the petition? If not, immigration authorities must confirm that the divorce occurred and the marriage is legal. And, for that matter, they must also confirm that the different last names belong to the same person. Such oversights, omissions, and mistakes could add more time to the approval process. 

Compiling a Complete Petition

An experienced attorney understands what documents are necessary when putting a specific client's petition together, reducing the chances of delays. Remember, even though the appropriate response to a request for evidence or supporting documentation could lead to approval, the follow-up submission requires a review. Then, the response awaits its turn in line among the other responses mailed to the service center. That brings up another point: the time it takes for mail to arrive adds more time to the process. Submitting a complete petition the first time might eliminate the added steps and unwanted waiting.

A Thorough Review of the Petition and Documents

A petitioner might not think that little things could cause problems with a petition for a relative. The petitioner may leave a section blank when it requires an answer, if the petitioner assumes that blank lines mean "No." Immigration adjudicators might request clarification, as they may avoid speculating about answers. An attorney could review the petition for such issues and red flags on a form that may drag out the process.

Dealing With Harassment

The attorney also knows when an immigration official asks for things that are required by statute. Excessive requests for unnecessary evidence could be harassment, and an attorney may help clients deal with such behavior.

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