Secure Your Right To Reside In The United States

If you are an undocumented immigrant and fear being deported or detained, you have every right to seek legal advice that pertains to obtaining your visa and living a productive and happy life in the United States. Don't risk being placed under scrutiny and fighting an uphill battle. Find out what you can do today to preserve your residential status in this country.

Fill Out Required Paperwork

Seasonal farmers or migrant workers that are an asset to a well-established company will need to fill out an application for a visa. A visa will allow someone to temporarily reside in a country that they were not born in. This may not be the solution that you ultimately wish to attain, but it is definitely the best place to start. Are you gainfully employed and do you have a stable place to live? If so, this information will need to be presented to a lawyer who is going to represent you.

The steps that are necessary to obtain a temporary or permanent citizenship may be confusing and a language barrier may have contributed to you procrastinating thus far. Tell an immigration lawyer (such as Diana Stinaroff PC) about your current status, and if you have trouble communicating in English, you may be eligible for translation services. After paperwork is filled out and filed, you will be placed on a waiting list.

If your employer is a contributor to society and is well-respected, your attorney may want this individual to vouch for you. They can describe your character and explain what type of work you do for them, which will prove that you are non-threatening, honest, and in need of a steady income. If you do not have a criminal record and demonstrate that you are responsible, you likely will be granted a visa and can remain in the country.

Discuss Extensions And Permanent Citizenship

When an immigrant does not have legal permission to stay in a country that is not the one that they were born in, they are usually subjected to being sent back to their native country. With an active visa, you will be allowed to reside in the United States for a set amount of time. When your visa expires, you will need to return to your native country or seek an extension to your existing visa.

Your lawyer will explain how each step works and will help you devise a plan that is best for your needs. If you ever decide that you would like to become a permanent citizen of the United States, you will have to go through a separate application process and may be required to attend a court hearing. Becoming a permanent citizen won't occur overnight, but if you follow the chain of command and handle everything that you are advised to do, your lawyer will do their best to make sure that your wish becomes a reality.